About us

Are you a company that operates in the life sciences sector and do you need support for your industrial development project? CISEO is the right partner for you!

As a member of the CILYX group, which is located in the Liège Science Park, CISEO is a recognized Belgian player that specializes in the design and manufacture of turnkey production machines and equipment for the life sciences industry.

Through our solutions, we aim to improve the productivity and reliability of your production line.

With 30 years of experience in electromechanical engineering, CISEO supports the leading international players, as well as SMEs, in the pharmaceutical, medical, and biotechnology sectors.

It offers its customers a wide range of solutions that are adapted to their needs, such as:

Key skills

Our experts are continuously trained in the latest technologies and boast significant skills in many fields:

Mechanical engineering

Robotics / Cobotics


Machine Safety

Electrical engineering and automation

Instrumentation and Electronics

IoT (IoD) / Data / Preventive Maintenance

Project Management

Project management

CISEO has its own R&D capabilities and its own installation and manufacturing workshop, so it can take charge of your entire project, supporting you from design through to the delivery and commissioning of your solution…

  1. Pre-project
    • Analysis of your needs
    • Solutions & 3D modelling (layouts)
    • Composition of a multidisciplinary team
    • Kick-off meeting
  2. Studies
    • Studies & CAD (Solidworks, EPLAN, etc.)
    • Risk analysis
    • Drafting of reception protocols
    • Areas of expertise: electomechanics, automation, robotics, vision, instrumentation
    • Project management
  3. Manufacturing
    • Procurement: components & custom parts
    • Assembly & integration in our workshops
    • Adjustments, fine tuning & testing
    • Pre-FAT & FAT
  4. Installation
    • Packing & delivery
    • On-site installation by our teams
    • SAT
    • Support during commissioning
    • Staff training (production & maintenance)
  5. After-sales services
    • On-site technical support
    • Hotline
    • Preventive and corrective maintenance
    • Spare Parts
    • After-sales service contracts


CISEO aims to increase the reliability and productivity of industrialists that operate in the life sciences sector.

In order to achieve its mission, it relies on three fundamental values that it deems important:


Creativity, a multidisciplinary team, continuous training, technology intelligence, partnerships


Responsiveness, Flexibility, Specific solutions, Critical thinking, Commitment to results, Return on investment


Interpersonal, Listening, Dialogue, Collaboration, Trust, Ethics

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